International Business and Investment

International Business and Investment

Globalization is increasingly eradicating geopolitical barriers and creating a more universal way of doing business.  This requires an apt understanding of the connections/interconnections of the laws constituting such framework. At Freelane, we help our clients access/navigate continental, regional, and national markets in ways that are sustainable and less stressful.

In the United States, we adopt a two-stage approach to enlighten clients about business laws. First, we examine the limited jurisdiction of the federal system. Second, we proceed to the implications of broad jurisdiction under state systems before analyzing their relationship to the needs of our clients.

We have adopted a similar approach to help our clients build a niche in the European Union market area. Our dedicated team of legal professionals are ready to provide counsel on market access and expansion laws in the EU. Our focus is to provide ample understanding of the four market freedoms—free movement of goods, persons, services, and capital—that form the bedrock of the system. We also counsel on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), another chief corner stone of the EU.

The recent roll out of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) makes Africa host of the largest free trade area in terms of participating countries. With growth said to skyrocket as this initiative is being implemented, Freelane has put together a vibrant team to help clients understand the modalities regulating trade in goods, trade in services, investments, intellectual property rights and competition policy under the AfCFTA framework. Specifically, we help clients overcome challenges in the payment system, apply rules of origin, and understand goods dashboard. Also, we take a step further to explain how AfCFTA intertwines with other plurilateral laws in the continent like the Organization for the Harmonization of Business Laws in Africa (OHADA).


Specifically, we:

  • Advise on market access protocols in US, EU, and Africa
  • Provide comparative analyzes of legal frameworks in domestic and international markets
  • Represent businesses in US, EU, and Africa
  • Help foreign businesses generate finance and build connections
  • Advise on cross border mergers and acquisitions
  • Help businesses negotiate and manage payment systems
  • Help businesses develop global pricing strategy
  • Help cross border businesses harmonize international accounting systems


Freelane is well equipped to advise on trade and investments in the US-EU-Africa triangular transatlantic hub that accounts for close to 65% of world trade.

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