About us

About us

We are here to fight against any violance with experience

Freelane, LLC is a law firm headquartered in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Our firm is made of advocates and solicitors who provide cutting-edge legal counsel on litigation, transaction, regulatory and policy issues around the US, EU and Africa. Our team of lawyers has a proven record of achieving great results for our clients.

We adopt best practices—as recommended by the American Bar Association—to provide state-of-the-art legal counsel to our clients. We remain committed to the paramount ideals of attorney-client relationship and ensure our professionals possess the requisite knowledge and skillset necessary to scrupulously represent our clients. Our team is ready to counsel you on relevant aspects of trade, business, personal injury, data privacy/cybersecurity and intellectual property law in the United States, Africa, and Europe.

We recognize the fact that clients are vital to our existence. We begin the attorney-client relationship by letting our clients determine the objective(s) for which they seek legal representation. We develop a strategy and engage our clients by the means needed to achieve their objectives. We keep our clients informed as we go.

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We are Freelane because we provide worthwhile counsel to help our clients make “free” choices. Once our clients determine their objective(s), we work along—the “lane” in Freelane—with them, as best as we can, to realize their objectives. To do this, we premise our practice on the 4F concept—Fairness, Frankness, Firmness, and Focus.

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About us

Communication Is Key

We understand that a client is not just “another case.” Our clients are our major asset. They are natural and legal persons who seek to achieve real life goals, often beyond merely constituting a case file. We have designed flexible systems of representation that meet the needs of our clients while maintaining our integrity as legal professionals. We uphold ethical and professional standards required by our respective bar associations.

Sometimes the legal system may go the client’s way; other times, it could be very frustrating. Yet again, the client’s objective may be totally different from what the law requires. We understand and we know you have chosen Freelane because you want the best outcome. Our commitment is to channel our energy towards achieving the best outcome for our clients. However, the duty is incumbent on us to inform our clients/prospective clients that, aside from advocating their best interests, we are equally officers of the legal system with a responsibility of candor to the courts and tribunals. Therefore, we exercise independent professional judgment in line with what we think is the best means to legally achieve the objectives of our clients.

We are a team of no-nonsense professionals committed to scrupulously advance and defend the interests of our clients. We engage in on-the-job training, continuous legal education, and capacity building projects. We stay informed with developments in our areas of practice. We equally belong to professional associations that grant us access to the most up-to-date developments in the law and trends in the world of our practice. We combine professional development with years of experience to provide cutting-edge representation. Book a consultation today.

At Freelane, our focus is to continuously build and sustain a team of highly qualified professionals who work hard toward achieving the objectives of our clients. We are a result-driven firm with keen understanding of the fact that our reputation is built on client satisfaction. Simply put, we leave no stone unturned!

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We provide adequate counsel to enable you make “free” choices as to the objectives of your case

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